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And congratulations to you on your fine work here in permitting our little company to secure this additional patent, which we are ecstatic about.



Dear Howard, Well, Ill give you this: you are a creative and bold thinker.



[H]e [Company President] is impressed with your no nonsense, polite and professional approach. By: a local manager of a nationwide client



Howard, Thanks for the quick reply ... Thanks for the honest assessment ... [name redacted] agrees.



Howard, you are a gem. I appreciate all your efforts on my behalf. Surely I owe you some more financial compensation? Please let me know, if so, and I will send you a check with pleasure.



I have studied your draft letter. It is well written and to the point. I do not  think I can add or subtract anything to the demand. Please send this letter.



I really appreciate all your hard work and attention to detail ...


It was a pleasure to meet you today and watch your excellent performance during the appellate mediation.




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