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 Turnkey agreements using the cookie cutter approach with a focus on having needed; but, not excess terms that are fodder in litigation

Client Counsel to review proposed agreements, identify problematic terms, explain legal jargon and traps for the unwary, set negotiating priorities

 Negotiations and strategy guidance

Breach of contract and business tort suits



Online applications for registrations, request for reconsideration briefs and recording assignments and terminations

Counseling on clearance and infringement

Litigation enforcing and defending rights


 Informal discussions and guidance on questions

Written opinion letters regarding infringement, corporate governance and other issues.



 Employment Conduct Investigations

*      A working knowledge of employment law; but, not an employment lawyer with a history of representing either employers or employees

*      Experience as a Judge Pro Tem and arbitrator; but, not a judge who sat regularly with a history of employment cases and/or printed decisions

*      Light practice of entertainment law; but, no ties to studios and not beholding to talent


Opening-up of corporations and limited liability companies

Written partnership and joint venture agreements

Corporate maintenance; for example, minutes and information statements

Informal counselling and formal opinion letters on corporate governance

Litigation to dissolve corporations, shareholder derivative suits and compelling production of corporate records


Plaintiff and Defense

Before Federal courts, state court and the US Trademark Trial and Appeal Board

Intellectual property, breach of and business tort claims

An article published early in Howard Hoffenbergs career on trying intellectual property cases in New Matter (Official Publication of the State Bar of California Intellectual Property Section)



Original US applications and prosecution with responding to office actions for utility and design patents. A technical background in chemistry and biochemistry with an intuitive feel for mechanical and simple electronics.

PCT Requests and Hague International Design with relationships with counsel across the world to handle national applications


Applications for California state registrations and registrations by the United States Trademark Office

 Madrid Protocol applications with relationships with counsel across the world to handle provisional refusals

Canadian, Taiwan, Hong Kong and other foreign applications through relationships with counsel across the world

Oppositions and Cancellations before the US Trademark Trial and Appeal Board with relationships with counsel across the world to handle Oppositions and Cancellations where they may arise or are needed

An article on Oppositions and Cancellations published in Entrepreneur Magazine that extensively quoted Howard Leslie Hoffenberg

An article by Howard Hoffenberg on the cost effectiveness of Oppositions and Cancellations for challenging a competitors trademark registration



referrals to colleagues who provide services in other disciplines that are needed by a client. These colleagues have their own independent law practice and there is no legal relationship in the nature of a partnership, joint venture or of any other sort with the Law Offices of Howard Hoffenberg, Esq. Any client receiving a referral must decide for herself or himself if the colleague is competent to handle the matter and well suited to work with the client. Clients must act diligently to protect their rights and consider other professionals, in addition to any referral.

Sector List: Aerospace; Authors (Book/Script/Music, ) Publishers and Dealers in Copyrights; Automotive Vehicles and Parts Manufacturers; Charities; Clothing manufacturers; Construction and Contractor Services; Consumer Durable Manufacturers; Consumer Product Manufactures (low to medium priced and not electrical/electronic/health); Cosmetics; Dietary and Nutritional Supplements; Distributors, Retailers, E-tailors and Retail Type Services; Education; Electrical and Electronic Product Manufacturing; Entertainment Producers and Exhibitors; Freight, Currier and Logistics; Individuals; Industrial Equipment and Producer Goods; Legal Related Service and Insurance Providers; Media, Advertising and Internet Companies; Medical Devices and Health Related Products; Medical Services; Pet Food and Products; Professional Organizations and Trade Shows; Professional Services (Accounting, Business, Engineering, Programmers. Real Estate and Travel; But Not Medical); Property Development and Management; Restaurants; Therapeutics and Related Service Providers and Trading Companies


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