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Re: Mission Statement


Dear Website Visitor;

Thank you for visiting the website for my law office.

My law office caters to two classes of clients. The first class of clients are the owners of smaller size businesses that are involved in the day-to-day management of their businesses. The business is more than a business; in fact, the business is the primary source of funds to support a family, pay for college and provide for retirement. These clients are endeavoring to make a mark on society with branded, innovative and superior quality products and services -- and thereby get to the next level.

The second class of clients that I represent are larger business enterprises with an objective to conserve a legal budget by avoiding the high fees of large firms. They also want more care and attention. The overall end result and outcome is more hours of legal representation at a lower cost.

At my law office, every client is special to me. That is, my law office is not a volume operation. A premium is placed on being insightful, serendipitous, business minded and conscientious. The monikers by which my law office are known are as follows:

i.             patience to help a client and

ii.           a technical background in chemistry and biochemistry.

No matter how good is the legal representation, the price must be fair. I am mindful to get the job done in a cost-effective manner.

Public service is a key component of the mission of the Law Offices of Howard L Hoffenberg, Esq. My law office is a supporter of the Brand Encroachment Terrorist Teaching Extremism Restrained Internet Act - The BETTER Internet Act. This proposed legislation has the following objectives:

1.   to strengthen the Trademark Act on initial interest confusion by restricting Google, Amazon and others in selling/using another brand names as search term;

2.   to strengthen the Communication Decency Act with takedown for directory site that Bait-Switch by listing business without contact information and instead provide contact information on other businesses and

3.   to amend the Communication Decency Act to add a takedown procedure for terrorist content on social media (e.g., Facebook.)

In support of this legislation, do not hesitate to write your representative in Congress and members of the Digital Commerce and Consumer Protection Subcommittee to urge their support of the proposed legislation; see, the hyperlinked library of letters to members of Congress.

Very truly yours,


Howard L. Hoffenberg




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