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Logo| It was truly a pleasure working with you and I appreciate everything you did for me, including being available at all times and making my task a priority … Will be in touch soon. 

 Logo| Congratulations to you on your fine work here in permitting our little company to secure this additional patent, which we are ecstatic about.

 Logo| Dear Howard, Well, Ill give you this: you are a creative and bold thinker.

[H]e [Company President] is impressed with your no nonsense, polite and professional approach.

 Logo| Howard, Thanks for the quick reply ... Thanks for the honest assessment ...

 Logo| Howard, you are a gem. I appreciate all your efforts on my behalf. Surely I owe you some more financial compensation? Please let me know, if so, and I will send you a check with pleasure.

 Logo| I have studied your draft letter. It is well written and to the point. I do not think I can add or subtract anything to the demand. Please send this letter.

 Logo| I really appreciate all your hard work and attention to detail ...

 Logo| Your professionalism was warm and genuine . . . The contract looks great! . . . It was very pleasing for me to open your e-mail and find answers to all my questions for todays signing. 

 Logo| Howard: Well done. They take you very seriously ... Thank you. 

 Logo| I have reviewed the ... and everything looks to be in order. As always, your work is well executed ... When we met with you ... [on] this dilemma ... something you said ... [inspired confidence so as to be] ... at ease.


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